2018 Goals

goals for 2018

Lose Weight & Focus on Health

My cousin recently sent me some pictures of myself from about 6 years ago and man oh man was I small. I can’t believe that I actually thought that I was “fat”. Hindsight is 20/20 which to me means that we normally see things clearly in the past.

More so than looking great, I felt great. I felt comfortable. Feeling comfortable in my own skin is what I want the most.

I heard someone say, “you know what diet works? The one you keep doing”. Meaning, you have to be consistent. You can’t just give up if things are going slow. When I started this weight loss journey I don’t think I was quite specific enough. I didn’t make my goal a smart goal.

Smart Goal: Lose 40lbs by end of June 2018. (and actually keep it off) (link back to weight loss first)

New Job (maybe)

I’ve had a long love affair with entrepreneurship. The dream of it all is so intoxicating. The reality is that it’s hard and I’ve got grown-up bills.

I want to find another job paying more money where I’m utilizing my skills and learning while maintaining my side hustle – that’s the dream.

I am lucky to have friends that work in Human Resources, so they’ve been editing my resume for me. Once I update my LinkedIn profile, I’ll be on the hunt. I figure I will test the waters and see what’s out there while building my side hustle.  If my side-hustle becomes my main hustle before I find a new job I will be quite alright with that outcome as well.

Smart Goal #2: Apply to at least 2 job postings a week for a minimum of 6 months.

Smart Goal #3: Have one niche site completed with 30 articles by end of February.

Smart Goal #4: Start FBA site with my business partner by March 1, 2018.

Travel More

I use to travel all over the place when I was younger.  Growing up and having more responsibilities has taken my focus away from travel.

However, I want to get back out there and explore.  There are a few places already on the itinerary for 2018:

  • Trip to mountains with dad and family
  • Indianapolis to visit my sister
  • Singles Retreat to the Islands

Law of Attraction

I’m a huge proponent of the Law of Attraction. It’s really all about energy. This year I plan on protecting my energy more and staying on a high vibrational frequency. I finally got the concept that it’s not enough to just think it, you have to feel it and act like it’s already done.

It’s all about thinking, feeling and acting – “Faith Without Works Is Dead” (James 2:14-26).


For so long, I’ve cared about others feelings almost to the exclusion of my own. This year I will practice being more intentional and authentic to who I am, regardless of the consequences.

Money Matters

Save more money and make more money is what I’m looking to do this year.  Check out how I’m gonna do it through my side hustle series.

Feature Photo by Jazmin Quaynor

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