Hello, February


For some reason, January has felt extremely long.

It’s My Birthday…YASSS!!!

My birthday is this month and this year I couldn’t be more excited.

Normally I don’t do much on my bdays but I’m feeling especially festive and grateful this year and I wanted to do something fun. For my birthday I plan on doing a Mystery room at NC Escape, Jazz/Dinner at BeYu Caffe and a Museum tour with Wine at 21c.

Reflections and Grief

The grateful feeling this year comes from me realizing how blessed I am to be alive. Normally around this time of year, I get a little sad.

I lost one of my best friends to murder a few years ago. I always think of her around my birthday because she would be one of the first ones to want to spend the day with me. I broke down crying in the car the other day thinking about how she won’t be here to spend my day with me.

I use to think of grief as this obstacle to get over.  However, I read an article that talks about how grief really never goes away, we just go through ebbs and flows.  Some days you are ok and others you can’t seem to stop crying. In the beginning, those ebbs and flows are more frequent but as time goes on we heal and those ebbs and flows span out more and more.

This is why I’m celebrating – I get to have another year of life.


This year as one of my Goals  –  I vowed to connect more.  I am an introvert and so connecting, especially with people that I don’t know can be a challenge.

In business, this means more networking. In life, it means connecting more with friends. This past weekend I attended a luncheon with my sorority sisters.  I had an awesome time and we are scheduled to do more in upcoming months.


Acid Attack  //   It’s important that we observe the energy around us and take heed to what it is telling us.  I can’t help but feel that the young lady who was attacked probably felt the negative energy coming from her “friend” but tried to ignore it because we want to see and believe the best in everybody.  I remember sitting in a car with a friend one July the 4th and she casually and nonchalantly said, “I use to hate you”. I was like, “What the fuck”. This was my best friend!  The person you tell all your secrets; laugh and cry with. She hated me because I was popular and boys were interested in me.  Imagine if she would have acted on those feelings and tried to hurt me.  I am so thankful that she didn’t but as I look back throughout our friendship, I can honestly say that I was not surprised at what she said. Sure it shocked me in that moment but deep down I always knew that.  I wanted to believe the best in her but in that quest for loving and believing her, I put myself in harm’s way.

Did someone cut onions? // 10 yr old asks stepdad for adoption.

Bully Apologizes // This is a wonderful story of a full circle of forgiveness.  It took a lot of courage from the bully to admit their wrongdoing; it took a lot of courage from the young lady who was being bullied to listen and forgive; it also took a lot for the bully to forgive themselves.

We have to be mindful that the words we speak. In the world we are living in, I’m honestly afraid to let my children go to school nowadays because of stories like this.  Child/teenage suicide is at an all-time high.

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