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Do not regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many.

This year I plan to have a low-key day of relaxation.  I plan on doing absolutely NOTHING.  Days like this have become so important to me especially because I’m an introvert and need time to recharge.

My official birthday is on February 4th.  Another year older…I used to dread this but as I get older I realize that I am blessed to get to see another year.  I had a friend that passed away about 3 years ago and I always think of her on my birthday.  How I wish I could spend it with her and how unfair it is that she doesn’t get to celebrate special days like this.


I’ve been going through a lot of discovery throughout the last past year up until now.  It’s been freeing but scary at the same time.

Figuring out what your passion is and what makes your heart happy can sometimes be hard but you owe it to yourself to figure it out.

This month I am going to FOCUS.  I have such a hard time focusing on one thing at a time.  I think as a creative we always have these ideas jumping around our heads which can be very distracting.

I was taking a daily walk and started to think about the Law of Attraction.  I’m a huge believer in how powerful our minds can be and how we can shape our reality with our thoughts.  Which leads me to why I must focus.  I realized that I’ve been so distracted and confused which means that I’ve probably been distracting and confusing the universe as well.


THE MONSTER PROJECT  // It doesn’t get any cuter than this.  Artists recreate kids drawings of monsters.  Not only do kids get to expand their imagination and creativity, they also get to see that monsters don’t have to be that bad.

DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE OR READ // I will have to admit that I’ve seen that meme go around Instagram and Facebook a few times and actually believed it.  This is an important reminder to not be so quick to judgment.

CHILL WILDLIFE  // This is a cute Instagram filled with pictures of adorable animals in funny situations.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU REPLY BACK TO SPAM  // Get ready to laugh until it hurts.  I think we’ve all gotten those spammy emails saying that we’ve won millions.  We normally hit the delete button but this guy actually responded.

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