Hello, June


I’m back with a vengeance!

Well, rather, I’m back with renewed energy.  I’m an introvert.  My energy gets zapped rather quickly and since I have so much going on in terms of job hunting, starting a business, working on projects, working on myself and probably about one million other things, my energy has taken a dip down.

Instead of fighting through, I’ve learned to just rest and renew.


I’ve been blogging off and on for about 6 years now.  I’ve struggled with knowing that having a niched down blog is much easier in a lot of ways in terms of making money.  But my heart just isn’t in a specific niche…well at least not yet.  My favorite blogs have always been lifestyle blogs. So I plan to explore all of my creative endeavors on this blog from Real Estate to Digital Marketing.

Here are some new series I plan on implementing on the site…

The Introvert’s Guide To Life

As I stated earlier, I’m an introvert and I honestly don’t see a lot of content out there about introverts and how they deal with situations such as dating, family, being business owners, etc.  I always see the super energetic, go get em type of people and that’s just not me.  I thought it would be fun to hear about life from an introvert’s perspective.

A Girl’s Guide To Real Estate

I love real estate.  So much so I went and got my real estate license.  I thought I wanted to be a realtor but as it turns out I loved the digital marketing aspect of it more than I did showing people houses.

Real Estate is one of the best ways to create wealth.  Real Estate can be a little tricky to navigate, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer so I aim to demystify it and make it fun.  Single women are the number one largest growing demographic in the Real Estate industry so you girlies are gonna be my focus.

I’ve always seen myself in the real estate game doing more investments, so I plan on sharing my journey through this as well.

The Raleigh Durham Edit

Get to know my neck of the woods.  The area that I live in has truly been experiencing a tremendous amount of growth and change and I want to take you along as I explore it

The Best of…

The best of Etsy and Amazon.  I just love those two marketplaces and when I find cool stuff I’m gonna share it with you.


My job took a rather dramatic shift. I was working in content management for my job but now I am working in social media management which is kind of where I’ve been wanting to move more towards.  To buff up my resume, portfolio, and confidence I’ve decided to embark on a few side projects. One for myself and the other for a friend.

Hawkins Golf Pro Consultants and The Raleigh Durham Edit

To get better at Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing I will be building 2 websites from the ground up.

Why 2?  Well, one is for my friend and one is a passion project of mine.

My friend is starting a golf consultancy business so I will be working on her site from the ground up.  From the design to the digital marketing, I have free range to work on it all.

The other site will be a real estate lead generation site.  I’ve always loved digital marketing and real estate, so why not work on a project that combines them!  At the very least I will grow my skills and if I become good at lead generation with this website I will either offer these services or work more in real estate.  The possibilities are endless.

My end all be all goal is to own my own business.  It’s a lot of hard work and comes with its own challenges. I figured I could take you along with me on the journey.

Project Journey to Freedom

The thing I value most in this life is freedom.  Right now I don’t that in terms of finances and time.  I’ll talk more about this project in the upcoming weeks.

I’m excited to be back!

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