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I have been going through a lot of changes this year and it’s only month 3.  As you know, change isn’t always easy but I’m learning to live with it and adapt.
Here are a few things that I’ve learned in this first quarter of the year:

Learning To Be Grateful  (even if at first you don’t feel like it) //

Gratitude is so powerful.  You can’t just say, “thank you for…”, you have to really feel it.  Negative things will always happen.  You don’t have to neglect those feelings but you don’t have to give into them fully either.
I’m learning to find the positive even when everything else seems bad.  It’s not always easy but if you can find just one thing to say, “thanks” for, usually you start coming up with more and more and then you just start feeling better.
The other day I was so frustrated and irritated at my job.  I started to say, “I hate this”. Then I turned that around and said, “I hate this moment but I’m thankful for my job” and then I started to say how thankful I am for other things and just like that those negative feelings slowly started to fade away.

Taking More Risks //

I’m not a risky person.  I plan out every move.  However, doing new things is going to require risk. More risk usually means more rewards which lead me to my next point…

Activating My Faith Through Action //

“Faith without Works is Dead” James 2:26
One of the ways that I’ve been activating my faith is by putting actions to my thoughts.  I’ve also been telling people what I’m doing in terms of business, weight loss, etc.  I’ve been actively seeking out ways to use my new skills.  I’ve put forth an effort, no matter how small.  That’s what is really important.  One small step.  Those small steps add up and in no time you’ll be farther than you think.
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