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My Procedure

I go back to the doctor in a few weeks for wound check up. This will be my 8 week check up. When my doctor told me that he wanted to see me back in his office in 8 weeks for a would check up it didn’t dawn on me that I would essentially still have a big hole under my arms. I must’ve tuned him out and hoped and dreamed that it would somehow be all healed up. That my friends was just a fantasy. I’m still in pain most days. The wound is healing…slowly…oh so very slowly.

I’ve had a few flare-ups as I am still working on perfecting my diet. However, the flare-ups haven’t been as bad as they usually are which is a good thing.

Blog Growth

The procedure I had done on my arm because of my Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) has set me back a good 8 weeks. I’m just now feeling like I can start back getting in the swing of things in terms of my blog.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a lot different than the one that came out when I was growing up. I guess I was expecting the same funny light hearted show but this new 2018 version is the exact opposite. It is very dark and to be honest, it isn’t something that I would normally watch. However, I told myself that I would at least give the first episode a chance. I’m glad I did because I ended up really liking the show and binge watching most of it in a weekend.


Popsicle Houses Are A Thing

I’m not sure how popsicle houses appeared to me as a suggestion of what I should watch next in Youtube but I’m so glad it did. I remember making a doll house with my dad (he made the house I watched) and this brought back all of those memories. Plus they are super cute and cool. I don’t think I would have the actual patience or skills to build one of these but it was fun to watch someone else build them.

How to make a Wooden Stick House With LED light


A Bus Hotel???

A bus hotel??? Yep…they’re really a thing and I kind of like it. Right now it looks like they are just in California. Depending on the success and popularity we will see if they catch on in other parts of the country.

How to Paint Tile Floors with a Stencil

This awesome DIY comes from The DIY Mommy.  She used paint and stencil and the ending result looks like the mexican tile you get from a store.

Go Ahead and Let Yourself In

I’m still on the fence about how I feel about Amazon just letting themselves in but as online ordering rises so will people trying to steal those packages off of people’s porches.

There Are Spies Among Us

In a world where they tell you to stand out amongst the crowd, this video makes the argument that sometimes we need to think about blending in.

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