Side Hustle: The Plot Twist

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2017 was an awesome year of clarity for me. I gained the courage to say what I wanted and go after it.

Last year I set out with a goal to grow my digital marketing skills. In the beginning, I was trying to get my certifications and do the projects which left me feeling a little overwhelmed.

I really wanted to get my certifications done so I focused on those instead of trying to spread myself too thin. I often fall into the procrastination/learning loop, where I am spending all of your time learning and never actually doing. It really is just a side effect of fear – if you are always learning you never have to actually produce something which means that you won’t fail.

So I gave myself permission to learn without the distraction of doing. I figured this would fulfill my need to learn which will take off the pressure of actually performing. I decided on what skills I needed brushing up on and choose one class to divulge. Now I can’t make the excuse that I don’t know how to do something because technically I do.

The result – I’ve obtained all of the certifications I wanted and have a deeper understanding of certain skills.

Now, I have to perform – actually do what I set out to do and spent so much time learning.


I’m actually going to work on the lead generation site with one of my friends.  Well, she’s more like a sister.  Over the years we’ve partnered on many projects but our hearts have always been with Real Estate. Since we decided to work on some Real Estate investing projects together, I decided that this would be the focus of my real estate lead generation site.

Having help with this site will be amazing and I’m so excited.


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