Weight Loss Chronicles: Update 1



So I decided to start intermittent fasting last week. When looking for a sustainable weight loss program I ran into intermittent fasting a few years back. To be quite honest I loved the idea but never really gave it a full shot. I would half way do it and then claim that it doesn’t work.

However, when I went on a trip to New York last year I inadvertently practiced intermittent fasting and actually saw results.

This time I am determined to see if this works by giving it 100% – no more excuses.

So here’s my Week 1 update

The Good

I finally started.

It was actually a very rough start as I had so much going on from my cousin’s wedding (I was the maid of honor) to my mom having knee surgery and me being the only caretaker. Nevertheless, I said I was going to start so I started.

I had a few days that were awesome. I was able to stick to my cut off time which is between 7-8pm and last through until the next day until around 12 pm.

However, there were some days that were extremely hard and I ended up not being so successful. But I’m realizing that that is ok. With all beginnings, you will face challenges. The key is to keep going and progressing. Eventually, you will get better.

The Bad

Like I stated earlier, I struggled for a few days which was really disappointing but I guess part of the process.

I also wasn’t getting a lot of sleep. When I’m tired it’s harder for me to concentrate and focus. With intermittent fasting, you need focus because it can get a little tough once you start getting hungry.

Also, I realized that just because I was fasting doesn’t mean that I will automatically be in a calorie deficit (which is what you need to lose weight) if I am still eating too many calories.


++ Track Fook. I realized I needed to track my food…at least for a little while. So I downloaded the SparkPeople app. It’s a free app that helps you track your macros and food intake. I use to use a tool called My Fitness Pal but now you can’t track your macros until you pay which I don’t like.

++ Get Sleep. It is really hard for me to hold out until 12 pm when I am so tired at work. I feel like I need coffee. An alternative and probably healthier substitute would be tea. I need to invest in some tea.

++ Give Yourself Grace. I realize that some days are going to be easier than others and that’s ok. I need to let go of perfectionism and realize that I’m going to mess us every once in awhile. The key is to get right back on track and not let it derail my entire day.


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